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Payment due dates for the 2021-22 Academic Year

All university charges and fees are due in full by Friday, August 13, 2021 for fall semester and by Friday, December 3, 2021 for spring semester. It is suggested that all necessary applications for financial aid assistance should be completed prior to the first billing due date.

Finance Charges and Late Fees

A finance charge will be added to any account balance remaining after the first week of classes. The finance charge is assessed monthly at a rate of .417% on any unpaid balance until the account is paid in full. If full payment cannot be made by the first due date, the student is advised to consider using one of BW's monthly payment plans. There is a nominal processing fee; however, finance charges are not assessed to payment plan users who remain current with their scheduled payments. View payment plan options, register for a payment plan, and make payments through the BW Payment Portal.

Access the BW Payment Portal to Access Payment Plans

Students >
Authorized Users > (students can designate parents or guardians as authorized users in the Payment Portal)

Delinquent Billing Accounts

Students with delinquent billing accounts will not be allowed to register for the next semester unless full payment of the account has been received prior to the student registration appointment time. Students/families using a BW monthly payment plan must be current with their monthly payments or registration will be delayed until payments are up to date.

Students who are delinquent in meeting their financial obligations to the University are subject to additional restrictions. Certificates of credit (transcripts) or letters of honorable dismissal will not be issued. Diplomas will not be awarded. Students should contact the bursar to make arrangements to resolve their delinquent payment status.

University tuition and all related charges are adjusted based on the published billing policy. First-time BW students receiving Federal Title IV funds may be subject to a different billing policy schedule as required by federal regulation. For additional information contact the Financial Aid Office.


Complete the refund application to request a refund from BW. Withdrawals after the ninth week of the semester are permitted only for prolonged illness, change of employment or other circumstances beyond the student's control. All requests for withdrawal before the end of a term must be in writing and should be addressed to the registrar in the Office of Registration & Records (copy to the Bursar's Office). Refunds after the ninth week, when permitted, are made according to the published billing policy assuming that the tuition and fees have been paid in full.

For withdrawals before the first scheduled class at the beginning of the semester, 100 percent of the tuition charges are removed. Room charges and Jacket Express account adjustments will be on a prorated basis.

Students who do not abide by the regulations of the residence halls or who show an unwillingness to cooperate with those in charge will be instructed to leave the residence hall. Any student leaving the residence hall or the University under disciplinary action is not entitled to any refund regardless of the time remaining in the term.

In the unlikely event that Baldwin Wallace University suspends operations, including the cancellation of classes as a result of a pandemic or other similar occurrence, the University will reopen and continue the semester as soon as feasible. Prepaid tuition, fees, room and board will not be refunded under this circumstance. All payments will be held and applied to the continued semester as though there were no interruption of services.


If you drop a course or withdraw completely, you must notify the Office of Registration & Records immediately. The Cashier's Office will make the necessary adjustments to your student billing account based on the date furnished by the Office of Registration & Records. Tuition will be adjusted according to the following schedule:

Fall/Spring Semester*Fall/Spring Minimester
Prior to first day of classes: 100%Prior to first day of classes: 100%
Class Week 1: 0% chargeClass Week 1: 0% charge
Class Week 2: 10% chargeClass Week 2: 25% charge
Class Week 3: 30% chargeClass Week 3: 50% charge
Class Week 4: 50% chargeClass Week 4: 75% charge
Class Weeks 5-8: 75% chargeClass Week 5: 100% charge
Class Week 9: 100% charge 
Prior to first day of classes: 100%
Class Week 1: 25% charge
Class Week 2: 50% charge
Class Week 3: 75% charge
Class Week 4: 100% charge
*Workshops: No refund after start of class

Immersion Courses:
30% charge up to 20% of classes attended
50% charge up to 30% of classes attended
75% charge up to 40% of classes attended
100% charge after 40% of classes attended

All drops and withdrawals should be communicated to the Office of Registration & Records by the times indicated.

Weekend students will have until 1:00 p.m. on the Monday after the first weekend class to withdraw and receive a 100 percent refund; adjustments after that will be computed as above.

Adjustments of tuition, fees and other charges for students receiving financial aid who drop courses or withdraw completely will be made in accordance with the policy in the Guide to Student Financial Aid.

All adjustments will be made to students as a credit on their student billing account with BW and will be carried over to the next semester of attendance. For student billing accounts that are overpaid, you must request a refund check from the Cashier's Office.

Resolve Your Financial Hold

If you are unable to register for your next semester due to a financial hold, the financial hold resolution roadmap can help you resolve your outstanding student balance and get you ready to register for next semester.