Class of 2021

Outstanding academics.  Beautiful campus.  Real-world experiences.  Faculty who care about students.
So many reasons to love Baldwin Wallace University.

Students in this year’s incoming class of 2021 are already showing their BW pride.
Here is why they chose BW –– in their own words.

"BW is affordable and has a wonderful campus. I can tell that a degree from BW will really open up the future for me!

"It's like taking all of the best people from high school and putting them in one college. Passion, spirit and friendliness are seen in every single student."

"I chose BW for the simple fact that it is a tight-knit community with great tradition in an area that has a small-town feel, and makes me feel like I'm right at home."

"When I visited on campus, it was like a fairy tale. In my head, I said, 'Oh, THERE you are dream school. I've been looking for you.' As a kid from California where there's constant noise and constant sunshine, I was instantly charmed by the relaxing silence of Berea, the light snowflakes and the beautiful architecture."

"I admire that the faculty consists of many members of the Cleveland Orchestra."

"Baldwin Wallace is the best fit for me in academics and sports."

"The community feels right, the staff is amazing, the alumni are impressive, and the program is professional and rigorous! It's my privilege and honor to be attending the greatest school for the arts in the U.S."

"Baldwin Wallace has a terrific business school." 

"It's close to home. I will still see my family every day, importantly my dog! My best friends are going to BW. Can't wait to start my journey this fall! #YJ4L"

"Baldwin Wallace made it extremely affordable for me to attend."

"I never wanted anything more than to go to Baldwin Wallace! It has a beautiful campus and outstanding staff. I'd be throwing my future away if I didn't attend BW."

"Berea is one of the safest cities in Ohio, something my mom and I both loved. BW is an hour away from my hometown, so I can visit friends from Canton when I want and have my younger brother come up to experience BW's culture."

"I absolutely fell in love with the people and opportunities. At my audition, I met some of the faculty and realized they were phenomenal people with a ton of talent and amazing resumes. After my audition, I realized how much BW fit everything I was looking for in a school."

"My anatomy teacher first suggested BW to me as a great pre-medicine school."

"BW has a wonderful neuroscience program. It is the perfect place for me to grow and find my place in the world."

"A BW degree runs in my family. I am excited to say I will continue the tradition. My mom and sister both got their degrees in education, and I watch their careers grow each day. Whenever a friend or family member asks where their success and strength comes from, they proudly say it is because of BW."

"BW is generous with financial aid."

"I decided to join BW because I wanted to be able to have a fresh slate. I'm the only one from my high school attending BW this year and that gives me tons of opportunities to make new friends."

"I know the athletic training program and exercise science program are very good and give students great internship opportunities."

"Baldwin Wallace is a one-of-a-kind place filled with so much opportunity for personal growth."

"I know so many people who graduated from BW and loved it."

"When I met with the volleyball coach, I knew this man truly cared about the players he recruited to play at BW."

"BW's small class sizes and numerous research opportunities are perfect for what I want in an education."

"Through my own research, BW has the best connections with programs and schools after I graduate."

"BW has one of the best acting programs in the nation." 

"I chose BW because of the warm and welcoming atmosphere the first time I stepped on campus, and the rigor of courses I'd be receiving as a music education major." 

"It is a place where I can be myself and be known by name and not a number."

"There is a small community feel while still being near a major city like Cleveland!"

"BW has wonderful programs that beat other local colleges."

"My father attended BW and always said wonderful things about it. As soon as I entered high school, I began taking all advanced courses and devoted everything I did academically to be accepted into the university I had always dreamed about since I was seven years old."

"BW gives me the opportunity to not only pursue my dreams, but to academically and socially strive to be a model for future generations."

"I can't wait to spend my next four years here!

"BW is a strong community. I could see all the friendships and relationships I could build there."

"It's a friendly campus with lots of extracurricular activities and a variety of majors."

"The chair of the psychology department took time to respond to my email and give an extensive answer. It made me realize that BW would offer a personalized experience that I wanted from my college education."

"The conservatory has so many great opportunities for education majors."