BW music therapy graduate Paige Zilba

Paige Zilba pursues her passion for song through music therapy, viral videos and more.

Music therapy grad makes melodies her way

July 7, 2017

Paige Zilba produced a viral music video of All Star

Music therapists often perform for and with small groups... maybe even an audience of one.

But BW music therapy graduate Paige Zilba '16 recently shared a cover song online and garnered more than 200,000 views in a single day!

As she prepared to take the music therapy board certification exam this summer, Zilba decided to create and record her own distinct rendition of the Smash Mouth tune "All Star," which was featured in the 2001 film, "Shrek."

Paige Zilba produced a viral music video of All Star"I worked diligently on this project to make my own original arrangement, and miraculously a social media page [Rhythmic] shared my video," says Zilba.

Rhythmic bills itself as a distributor of "the best music videos and viral music content from the Web… and beyond." It’s the kind of digital tool entrepreneurial musicians use to gain attention for their work and Zilba’s music video did just that. 

According to Zilba, "the encouragement and individualized training" of BW’s Conservatory of Music faculty emboldened her to expand her artistry. "My theory training, music therapy training, creative classes, and involvement with beatboxing and directing BW SŌL A Cappella inspired me to think outside of the box."

Paige Zilba recently wrapped up her music therapy internshipApplying music therapy techniques

The Perrysburg, Ohio native recently wrapped up a required, eight-month music therapy internship at The Center for Autism and Dyslexia, where she also drew on her Conservatory education to work with preschool to high school-aged students on the autism spectrum.

Using evidence-based, music therapy techniques, Zilba helped her students make progress in communication, socialization, academics, motor skills, and emotional regulation... an experience she will "cherish forever."

"I had the amazing opportunity to watch my students grow and achieve their goals through music," she reflects. "Music therapy allowed them opportunities for creative expression, self expression, positive and fun interactions with their peers, and so much more."

Heading West

BW music therapy graduate Paige Zilba After she sits for her board exam, Zilba plans to pack up and head west to practice her passion.

"I’m preparing to relocate to Los Angeles to pursue music therapy and other musical pursuits, such as beatboxing, songwriting, performing,” she says.

For Zilba, music is more than a career choice.

"I absolutely LOVE music. It feeds my soul, and makes me love and live my life to the fullest."