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One review describes "Exact Change," directed by BW's Scott Plate, as unique storytelling beyond a simple documentary.

Theatre professor's unconventional film traces transgender writer's journey

June 6, 2017

BW theatre professor Scott PlateThe story of a local writer/performer’s transgender journey has found its way from stage to screen and BW theatre professor Scott Plate directed both. The feature film, titled "Exact Change," will have its premiere at the Capitol Theatre at Gordon Square on June 21.

Billed as "A true story of boy meets girl ... inside one body," "Exact Change" traces Christine Howey's gender transition. Both the one-person play, which started at the Cleveland Public Theatre, and the film use "the vulnerability, humor and truth" of Howey's story to promote understanding and acceptance.

More than a documentary

Exact Change movie posterIn a review for Cleveland Jewish News, columnist Bob Abelman describes the film as "a unique approach to transgender storytelling" that moves beyond a simple documentary.

"Howey plays herself at different ages, as well as her mother, father, ex-wife Dinah, daughter Noelle and characters who existed only in her active imagination," Abelman writes. "As did the play, the film intersperses personal photos and family movies, animating the hopes, fears, and desires of a transgender person navigating through an often hostile and unaccepting world."

Plate calls the experience of helping to develop Howey's story, "an incredible privilege." He adds, "At the end of the day, more than we are male or female, we are human beings."

Tickets and crowdfunding support

A crowdfunding campaign is underway on Fractured Atlas seeking tax-deductible donations to recoup final filmmaking costs and support wider distribution.

Information on how to donate and/or purchase tickets to the premiere can be found on the film’s Fractured Atlas page.