Laura Stringer is the Production Coordinator at the GCFC

Laura Stringer '11, production coordinator for the Greater Cleveland Film Commission, convinces filmmakers to shoot in Cleveland.

History grad brings movie action to Cleveland

May 15, 2017

Laura Stringer is the Production Coordinator at the GCFCWhen action packed films rumble through the streets of Cleveland, as they are this spring, we have BW history graduate Laura Stringer '11 to thank for the excitement. As the production coordinator for the Greater Cleveland Film Commission, it is Stringer’s job to "prove to filmmakers that there is no reason why they shouldn’t shoot here in Cleveland."

Her role, which she’s held since October 2015, entails facilitating media production and workforce development within the film industry in Northeast Ohio.

Connecting the Dots

Stringer’s connections within a group of friends ultimately linked her to the film commission.

She explained that networking is not "about going up to people and getting three fun facts on a note card. It is actually professional friend making."

Taking a Look at History

Stringer’s passion is rooted in the arts. However, after transferring to BW from the University of Cincinnati as a sophomore, she opted to major in history.

"The path to success is never a straight line," Stringer reflected on her experience at BW. "The professors were involved and invested in making students interested and excited about learning. I was always challenged at BW."

She credits history professors Robert Montgomery, Ph.D., Indira Gesink, Ph.D. and "everyone in Marting [Hall]" for letting her create her own educational kingdom at BW. Those impassioned professors were pivotal while she worked to achieve professional success.

Captured in Cleveland

Be prepared for an action packed spring as two Bruce Willis movies, "Acts of Violence" and "Reprisal," will be filmed in Cleveland.

"The Fate of the Furious," "The Fast and the Furious" franchise's eighth film which hit theaters April 14, also features fiery scenes shot in Cleveland.

Finally, NBC-TV’s competitive obstacle course competition, "American Ninja Warrior" also filmed in Cleveland this May and another BW alumna was among the competitors!