Professor Alan Kolp and cover art for Exception to the Rule

"Exception to the Rule" challenges the reader to understand and apply classical virtues in the workplace and in life.

CIG co-founders publish new book on the virtues of leadership

November 3, 2017

Professor Alan Kolp and cover art for Exception to the RuleBaldwin Wallace religion professor Alan Kolp has teamed up with Peter Rea and James Stoller to co-author "Exception to the Rule: The Surprising Science of Character-Based Culture, Engagement, and Performance" from McGraw-Hill Education. 

The book, which opens with Thomas Merton's quote "[w]e might spend our whole life climbing the ladder of success, only to find when we get to the top, our ladder is leaning against the wrong wall," links the classical virtues with contemporary research to discuss how to create a successful workplace culture, career and life based on these virtues.

Kolp, who explained the heart of the book for the McGraw Hill blog, said, "Our book is unique in making a business case for the classical virtues. Of course, there is also a personal reason for virtue."

Embodying the idea that character can be cultivated, the virtues in "Exception to the Rule" include trust, compassion, courage, justice, wisdom, temperance, hope and integrity.

Collaborators and Co-Authors

Kolp serves as the chair of faith and life, a distinguished professor of religion, co-founder (with Rea) of the BW Center for Innovation and Growth (CIG), and as National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) faculty representative for BW athletes. 

Rea is the vice president of integrity and ethics at Parker Hannifin and a former BW business professor.

Kolp and Rea previously co-authored "Integrity is a Growth Market." For this new collaboration, the two worked with Stoller, a professor and chairman for the Education Institute at the Cleveland Clinic.

"Exception to the Rule" is available from all major booksellers.