Photo of OpenROV Trident submersible drone

Gilbert Montague '16 writes code for cutting edge technology to explore the seas.

Physics grad immersed in cutting edge tech: underwater drones and autonomous cars

October 18, 2017

Photo of OpenROV Trident submersible droneThe young career of BW alumnus and physics major Gilbert Montague '16 of Independence, Ohio is immersed in cutting edge technology to explore the seas.

Montague has been working as a software developer at OpenROV, a California-based company that is developing tools for underwater exploration. Montague’s current project involves the Trident underwater drone.

Computer vision and machine learning

Gil Montague '16 demonstrates the Trident at a drone exhibition at the Cité des sciences et de l'industrie (the largest science museum in Europe) in Paris, France."Day to day, I write code for Trident, but I have also been acting as the small (but productive) research arm of OpenROV," Montague tells us. "I have been doing a lot of work in the fields of computer vision and machine learning."

Scroll down on this OpenROV page for a video of Trident and Montague's amazing real-time fish classifier in action.

Skyraider Search

Montague during a night deployment of OpenROV’s Trident underwater drone.Montague and his colleagues at OpenROV are also preparing for an expedition to find the 1951 wreck of an AD-1 Skyraider aircraft off the coast of California. 

Lost and out of fuel due to weather conditions, pilot Lt. JG Francis Anderson and his now-famous companion on the flight, Army Pvt. Clint Eastwood (yes, THAT Clint Eastwood), were forced to ditch the plane, barely escaping with their lives.

Innovating autonomous car in "free time"

As if all that innovation and adventure isn’t enough – in his free time, Montague hones his skills by working on Carputer, an autonomous, radio-controlled mini car. 

As reported by CNBC, the cars use technology similar to that being tested by companies like Google, Tesla and Uber on full-size, autonomous vehicles and compete with other developers. Montague and the rest of Otavio Good's team hold the track record for the monthly Bay Area DIY Robocars meetup.

"It is an amazing experience and I learn volumes about using machine learning for autonomous vehicles every weekend we work on it," Montague said.

Undergrad Career Launch

Montague, who co-founded the BW Problem Solving Club, burnished his robotics research experience while still an undergrad, earning an invitation to extend a NASA summer internship through the fall semester of his senior year.

We can only imagine what he’ll be doing 10 years from now!