BW education professor, author and illustrator Susan Finelli-Genovese at work

Dr. Susan Finelli-Genovese garners a fourth "Mom’s Choice Award" for her ongoing series of inspirational young adult books. 

Education professor adds to award-winning book series

October 19, 2017

BW education professor, author and illustrator Susan Finelli-Genovese at work

BW education professor, author and illustrator, Dr. Susan Finelli-Genovese, has garnered her fourth "Mom's Choice Award" for "Life’s Garden," one in an ongoing series of inspirational young adult books (with relevance for all ages).

Cover art for the "Life's..." book seriesFinelli-Genovese says her "Life Books of Analogies and Inspirations" series began "as a creative outlet that soon turned into a passion."

"I started writing back when I was teaching in public education," she explains. "I found myself using analogies to inspire students on ideas that I felt were important to their day-to-day lives. I wrote and illustrated my first book, 'Life’s Amusement Park,' where I share analogies of rides with life's challenges. When it won a Mom's Choice Award, I was encouraged to continue writing."

Each book in the resulting series is aimed at bringing "hope and meaning to the young adults they were written to inspire."

Recognition for family-friendly media

Mom's Choice Award applauds family-friendly mediaThe Mom's Choice Awards for excellence in family-friendly media first singled out "Life's Amusement Park" for recognition in 2010, and went on to honor "Life's Classroom" in 2014, "Life's Ocean" in 2016, and "Life's Garden" in 2017. 

"Life’s Garden" urges young readers to think of themselves as the gardeners of their own lives.

Aiming to make a difference

At BW, Finelli-Genovese is professor and associate dean for K-12 master's programs in the BW School of Education, where she teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in educational technology. 

She is currently working on a new book for the series and expects to have "Life’s Feathers" to the publisher by year's end. "I’m hoping," Finelli-Genovese says, "that one or more 'theme' will resonate enough in my readers lives to make a positive difference."

The books are available in full color soft books or eBook downloads through and major booksellers.