BW Promotes Respectful Freedom of Speech and Diversity & Inclusion

October 24, 2017

Baldwin Wallace was founded on the value of inclusion and the belief that our diversity is an enduring strength of our University. We value the vibrant exchange of ideas among all members of our community. We especially support our young student leaders who bring life to social and interest groups within our larger BW community. BW provides the opportunity and space for these groups to express their beliefs, share their concerns, and ultimately serve the greater community.

Some online articles include misperceptions about recent events on campus. There is a Right to Life student group that has been active on campus since 2007. The group meets regularly and has a staff advisor. A student Sexual Health Fair, scheduled for Nov. 3, organized by the student group Allies (Gay/Straight Alliance) was canceled due to logistical reasons. The Allies student group did decline the participation of the Right to Life student group – without consulting University advisors. Had the students included the University in their planning, the University would have advised them to include all groups who wished to participate. Since then, University advisors have taken this opportunity to work with the student group on how to uphold and strengthen the values of the BW community.

Earlier this month, the student Right to Life group chalked several sidewalks on campus with pro-life messages which were reviewed and deemed permissible as free-speech by the University. Subsequently, the chalked messages were erased, without knowledge of the University, by individuals unknown to the University. Removing the chalking does represent a violation of the BW Student Code of Conduct.

The BW community respects the right of each individual to express his or her beliefs and ideas, and expects that all exchanges will occur peacefully and through non-violent means. We commit to engage in meaningful dialogue on all issues and concerns that are raised by members of our community.