Photo of Matthew Sycle outside the Atlantic Theater Company

Arts management and entrepreneurship major Matthew Sycle '20 had an amazing summer internship with a theater company in NYC.

All-in for the arts

September 20, 2017

Photo of Matthew Sycle outside the Atlantic Theater Company

Transforming his one-time doubts into career-focused routes to success have made Matthew Sycle ’20 an unstoppable force in the arts. Just ask his managers at the Atlantic Theater Company in New York City, where he interned this summer. 

"I struggled a lot in my first semester with choosing to go into a career in the arts because some people believe it doesn't pay much and jobs are scarce," he noted. "However, I’ve learned that if you work hard, you’ll get to where you want to be."

From BW to Broadway

"I came to BW from my hometown of Beachwood, New Jersey," said Sycle. "Originally, I wanted to be close to home and live in New York City. But I chose BW because it has an amazing arts management and entrepreneurship major. Plus, Cleveland is nearby and has tons of opportunities in my field and great theater that I'm always rushing to see. 

"I obtained my internship from reading a post on Playbill," he explained. "While there, I worked with the general management and finance departments. It was a dream because I aspire to be a general manager, hopefully on Broadway someday.

"This internship taught me the importance of challenging myself and seizing every moment to further myself professionally," he continued. "At BW, I am surrounded by students who are determined to succeed and faculty who challenge us every day to be the best."