Photo of BW student John Sanderson being interviewed

Adult & continuing education student John Sanderson helped save the life of a shooting victim while on duty as a police officer.

Pre-med student is lifesaving hero

August 28, 2017

Gut instinct. It’s what can save a life when the minutes are ticking all too quickly.

And for BW student John Sanderson, gut instinct comes naturally and favorably. Just ask the man whose life he saved last week when Sanderson was on duty as a Cleveland police officer. The victim, a truck driver, was shot during a robbery attempt.

For Sanderson, gut instinct isn't happenstance. The 36-year-old has decades of fast-thinking, quick-action experience that comes from being in the U.S. Navy and working as an EMT and firefighter.

Humble Amid Heroism

Though he received media attention for the lifesaving measure, it comes as no surprise that Sanderson is a humble hero. Amid his hectic schedule of college courses during the day and police work in the evening, he has plenty to keep his attention outward-focused. 

With a career goal of attending medical school to become an orthopedic surgeon, Sanderson is double-majoring in biology and chemistry and double-minoring in orthopedic treatment and mathematics at BW. An Oberlin resident, he transferred to BW in 2015 as an A2BW student from Lorain County Community College. 

Mentoring is a key benefit of his BW education. He works closely with Randy Stevenson, the coordinator of veteran student services at BW.

"As a veteran of the U.S. Navy and a public servant, Sanderson’s act of heroism exemplifies his ongoing dedication to our country. His lifesaving actions serve as an example to others that law enforcement officers are deeply committed to safe-guarding our lives," noted Stevenson.

NEWS 5 John Sanderson video