Ashlee Ammons and Kerry Schrader Co-Founders of Mixtroz

Ashlee Ammons ’09 has an innovative app that connects meeting attendees and a promotion technique that caught the attention of Forbes.

Communications grad's tech-savvy networking app in spotlight

May 9, 2017

Ashlee Ammons and Kerry Schrader Co-Founders of MixtrozTo be a standout at a tech conference, you either need the latest, greatest invention or you need a bold message that stops people in their tracks. For Ashlee Ammons '09, it was the latter that not only gave her a conversation starter with potential angel funders, but also landed her in Forbes.

The broadcasting and mass communications and public relations graduate is the COO and co-founder (with her mother Kerry Schrader) of Mixtroz, an innovative new app that connects event attendees. The mother-daughter team created Mixtroz to lessen the awkwardness of the networking experience. The app is free for users (event attendees) and offers marketing analytics on the back end to organizations.

Mix. Meet. Mingle.

MixtrozThe name Mixtroz comes from Mixer + Introduction. It helps meeting and event attendees easily connect and engage with one another; all while helping the event host learn more about them based on responses to customized questions.

Mixtroz is all about connecting and making connections in real time. After downloading the app to their smartphone or tablet, attendees select the event, create a digital name tag (including a selfie) and answer 10 custom questions. Mixtroz reveals a group location based on their answers. Attendees then find their assigned group and start mixing!

Socializing at BW

BW has even taken the app for a test drive. During BW’s fall 2016 Week of Welcome, Marc West, dean of first-year students, utilized the app as 600 students mixed, met and mingled in Ursprung gym. West was able to view the collected data generated through the app for future communication with the students.

Ammons is a self proclaimed "BW evangelist." She was making connections long before creating the Mixtroz app. While at BW, Ammons was a cheerleader, worked as a DJ for WBWC 88.3, joined Delta Zeta Sorority and was senior class president. She was also involved in the BW Dance Marathon, the largest philanthropy organization on campus. Ammons landed an internship at LRMR Marketing working for LeBron James as well.

The Road to Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurial journey has been challenging. Neither Ammons nor her mother had any tech experience. Yet, she sold all of her belongings, quit her full-time job in New York and moved to Nashville with her mother to start Mixtroz. "The best businesses come from frustration," Ammons quotes business magnate Richard Branson. "Until you jump you’ll never know."

Just one year after launching Mixtroz in 2014, Ammons’ mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now cancer free, the mother-daughter dual powerhouse continues to make entrepreneurial strides. "Entrepreneurship has made me a more well-rounded individual," Ammons said of her experience.

Moving Forward

Ammons plans to continue growing her business through crowdfunding, start-up competitions and keeping up with emerging technologies. Mixtroz is on a mission to help professionals stop networking and start connecting. For more information, visit