Dr. Ken Schneck, professor and podcaster

Ken Schneck, who teaches graduate courses in BW's School of Education, was also a "Best Author" finalist in the "2017 Best of Cleveland" awards.

Professor prepares to publish well-reviewed book on exploration and adventure

May 10, 2017

The cover of Dr. Ken Schneck's book, "Seriously What am I Doing Here?" Ken Schneck, Ph.D., associate professor and director of BW's Leadership in Higher Education (LHE) program and award-winning podcaster and columnist, is adding published author to that list. Schneck's new book, titled "Seriously, What Am I Doing Here? The Adventures of a Wondering and Wandering Gay Jew" will be published by Cleveland-based 1984 Publishing, which is owned by Matthew Chojnacki '97,  MBA '99, who has several best-selling art books to his own credit.

In advance of its May 23 release, the book has garnered immediate buzz, with Schneck even finding his way onto the list of nominees for Cleveland Scene’s Best of Cleveland 2017 awards in the "Best Local Author/Writer" category. 

Debut Book Finds Meaning in the Unconventional

"This occasionally heart-breaking, often insightful and reliably witty travelogue has at its core our universal search for meaning, our desperate need to grasp that elusive sense of place and community, and how we often fail to succeed (sometimes hilariously so) but keep right on trying," Schneck explains on his website.

The book, which is available for pre-order through Amazon.com, follows Schneck on a series of unconventional explorations of both the world and himself, demonstrating that his life is anything but stagnant.

In a press release from 1984 Publishing, Schneck adds, "There’s a dearth of gay writers out there who actually have focus, can write as opposed to tweeting or just relaying a salacious tale, and, with supreme respect to David Sedaris, are under 60. Or under 50. Or even under 40. I tried to write a book that is witty without being bitchy, intelligent without being academic, meaningful without being self-help-y, and entertaining without being fluff.”

Promoting Student Engagement

Dr. Ken Schneck, professor and podcasterAt BW, Schneck teaches courses on student development theory; race, class and gender in higher education; college leadership; and the intersection of public policy and higher education, promoting equality and the voices of students.

"My teaching is always centered on community engagement: breaking out of the walls of the classroom to posit the work that we do within our campus, local and national context," Schneck said. "I’m a firm believer that change can only happen when individuals actually speak with each other, and all of my courses are built upon fostering that dialogue and empowerment, no matter what characteristics (real or socially constructed) divide us."

Podcast and Column

In addition to his work at BW, Schneck writes for The Huffington Post as a regular contributor to the "Queer Voices," "College," and "Impact" sections. Finally, Schneck produces, operates and hosts his own nationally-syndicated radio podcast "This Show is So Gay," which has garnered numerous awards for its discussion of LGBTQ issues and topics.

Schneck is already hard at work on his second book, which focuses on self-forgiveness.