Emily Bryant

Emily Bryant '10, a sustainability and studio art grad, incorporates her love of nature into her artwork and her career.

Sustainability, Studio Art Grad Branches Out

April 19, 2017

Emily BryantEmily Bryant, a BW '10 graduate double-major in sustainability and studio art, incorporates her love of nature into her artwork and her career.

In October, Bryant took a position as sustainability manager for the Philadelphia Zoo where she is "responsible for managing zoo-wide data for energy, emissions, water and waste, engaging staff in sustainability initiatives and innovation, and collaborating with staff and external partners to improve environmental footprint." 

Getting her start

BW Native Plant by Emily Bryant

After participating in a study abroad trip to Europe while attending BW, Bryant transferred to the sustainability major and went on to intern at various companies, two of which, Cleveland Metroparks and Energizer, then asked Bryant to continue working as an employee on temporary projects.

Bryant considers her Seminar in Europe one of her most influential experiences during her time at BW. "I developed the courage and confidence that would ultimately lead to my success in the sustainability program and my career."

Bryant also created an independent study in sustainable art with her art adviser where she created art using sustainable materials to educate viewers on environmental issues, something she still does today.

Green Art

Bryant’s artwork has been exhibited at Art.Science.Gallery. in Austin, Texas and featured in The STEAM Journal. Her collages, consisting of leaves, stems and flowers from invasive plant species, pressed together using plant-based glue, educate the public on the dangers of spreading non-native species.

Asian Ladybird Beetle

The Rocky River, Ohio native spreads her talent across various media such as jewelry, photography, drawing and painting, and typically depicts plants and insects. She also prints photos of native species on sustainable bamboo paper through a company that runs completely on green energy. She hopes the results make people passionate about protecting their local environments.

Bryant shares an Etsy page, TheScoffPatch, with her brother Keith who makes Native American-style flutes. Prints of Bryant’s artwork can be found for sale there along with jewelry she makes.