Peter Schmidt-Sane

Peter Schmidt-Sane '13 is forging a career and grad school pathway to fulfill his dream of being an engineer.

BW Chemistry Grad Engineers Solutions to Real-World Business Problems

March 25, 2017

Peter Schmidt-Sane

Peter Schmidt-Sane '13 has "always wanted to be an engineer" and a chemistry major and math minor at BW have helped him to forge an employment and graduate school pathway to fulfilling that dream.

Schmidt-Sane immediately landed a job following graduation with Saint-Gobain Proppantsthe company that had employed him as a summer intern. He credits his mathematics courses with helping him to "methodically think through problems and to determine what the real issue is."

Today, he’s moved on to Momentive Performance Materials, a company that focuses on incorporating boron nitride into polymers, metals and ceramics. Schmidt-Sane is running a project on coatings for high temperature metal processing and performing thermal testing on samples.

Applying Classroom Knowledge on the Job

Schmidt-Sane says his mastery of "root cause analysis" has been an important tool on the job at Momentive. "Within the first month of being here, I helped solve a problem they had with controlling the density of one of their materials."

Schmidt-Sane says education is important, but engineers must be able to apply their knowledge to real-world applications in order to further their careers.

He also is attending Case Western Reserve University part time to pursue a master’s degree in materials science, which will make him one step closer to achieving his ultimate goal of earning a Ph.D. and conducting his own research.