Diverse hands

The BW Conservatory of Music's Treble Choir will present a concert of student work in response to the racial divide in contemporary America.

Treble Choir Concert Features Student Commentary on Racial Divide in America

March 23, 2017

Diverse handsTaking a page from news headlines and national debate, the BW Conservatory of Music's Treble Choir will present a concert of student work in response to the racial divide in contemporary America. 

The "social commentary performance" on Friday, March 24 at 7 p.m., pairs student poets and composers and also features an original student music composition by Treble Choir member and music composition major Mattea Williams '19.

Jordan Saul, conductor of the BW Treble Choir and associate director of choral studies, explained, "This performance is an ambitious collection of challenging works that call upon tremendous musical skill. More importantly, the music requires the artists to express some of their innermost values and fears."

Embracing collective and individual struggle

Williams collected the ensemble members' responses and reactions on the subject of race and prepared the commentary and central piece for the performance. 

"We do not ignore our differences - we embrace them and empower each other by acknowledging our collective and individual efforts and struggles," Saul said. "Every piece on this program is reflective of a challenge of a person in the ensemble."

Saul added, "The artists in the choir have something to say with the music they are making. My greatest hope is that their message is heard. People might love it, they might not - but the message is one of power and hope, empathy and endurance."

Live stream available

The concert takes place in Gamble Auditorium, 96 Front St. in Berea. The performance will be live-streamed via Boxcast, but due to copyright restrictions will not be archived for replay. 

For a complete list of the Conservatory's live-stream events, visit www.bw.edu/schools/conservatory-music/events/live/index.