Streidl and his family at graduation

English grad and third-generation alumnus, Derek Streidl ’16, launched a career as a human resources administrator a month after graduation.

Third-Gen BW Grad Helps Adults Pick up the Career Pieces

March 18, 2017

Streidl and his family at graduationDerek Streidl '16, an English graduate and third-generation BW alumnus, launched a fulfilling career as a human resources administrator at Snider-Blake Personnel, a month after his December 2016 graduation.

At Snider-Blake, Streidl monitors data financials, which includes using algorithms in Microsoft Excel. All that data-crunching contributes to the goal of helping adults find employment opportunities.  

Streidl explains, "It’s a great company because it helps people every year by finding them good paying jobs after life has hit them with challenges." And, Streidl knows a thing or two about rising above life’s challenges.

Overcoming Adversity

Streidl grew up in an inner city neighborhood on the east side of Cleveland. His parents found themselves struggling to financially support Streidl and his younger sister so, to offer the children better opportunities, they sent the siblings to stay with their grandparents.

Streidl’s mother, who is a BW alumna, was an adult student when Streidl was a child. Streidl is "very proud of her for going back to school." The family was eventually able to reunite, moving to Independence, Ohio where his parents found better employment opportunities, and Streidl and his sister entered a great school system.

He remains grateful to his grandmother and grandfather (the first BW graduate in the family) for helping raise him, and he "loves and appreciates his entire family."

BW Career Guidance

Streidl secured both his current job at Snider-Blake and prior student internship at Richey-Barrett Insurance by utilizing the resources available to all BW students on the BW Career Network, one of the many resources offered by Career Services.

According to Streidl, "BW career network works!"

So does faculty mentoring.

"I got a job in the business world as an English major, and I am not sure if I could have done it without the guidance I received from my professors at BW," said Streidl.