graphic depicting applied mathematics

BW's new applied mathematics major helps students meld their passion for mathematics with comprehensive career preparation.

New Applied Mathematics Major Offers Impressive Career Opportunities

March 7, 2017

graphic depicting applied mathematics

Today's complex issues like bioterrorism, transportation safety, risk management and global warming require the expertise of mathematicians having strong analytical, qualitative and technical skills.

Baldwin Wallace's new applied mathematics major provides a foundation for students interested in melding their passion for mathematics with comprehensive career preparation.

A Sought-after STEM major

Like most STEM majors, mathematics is pervasive among workplace applications. Employers value its rigor and use in applying logic, theory and creativity to problem-solving.

In science, it is used in solving global challenges related to energy sources, climate change and public health. It also has widespread application in research and development for manufacturing and other sectors. In business, it is integral to banking, finance and actuarial science.

The U.S. Department of Labor projects the job outlook for mathematicians to increase by 21 percent from 2014-24.

Real World-Focused Program

The applied mathematics major is one of two mathematics majors offered at BW. The other major, pure mathematics, is for individuals interested in teacher education or broad-based, theoretical study.

"Both majors are career-preparative, but the scope of each differs," explained Dr. Brent Strunk, associate professor of mathematics at BW. "Applied mathematics provides a strong foundation of mathematical and computational coursework, along with focused study in chemistry, biology, economics, epidemiology or a related discipline area.

"Coupled with practical learning experiences, a required internship and coursework in communications, the applied mathematics major gives students a strong foundation for post-graduation opportunities that include immediate employment or graduate school," added Strunk.

"The BW advantage for students is they gain the benefits of a STEM major along with the career-preparative skills inherent to a liberal arts-focused core curriculum. It is an impressive combination," said Strunk.