photo of Daniela Muhaj

Daniela Muhaj's career path began in Albania before leading her to BW, a prestigious grad school and employment with the International Monetary Fund.

From Albania to America: Grad Makes a Global Mark

February 8, 2017

photo of Daniela Muhaj

Nestled in the heart of Albania is a village so small it isn't even named on a map of the country. Nor does it have an elementary school. But to Daniela Muhaj '14, it is home and the start of her career journey.

She says there is no explanation as to how she ended up at BW, though she now refers to it as her second home. Like any good home, BW provided her with a foundation for success before ushering her to the next step of her career journey. She left the campus behind, but not the community nor its impact on her life.

Acceptance to Prestigious Grad School

Muhaj majored in both mathematical economics and international studies at BW. In 2014, she was among a handful of students who graduated with both a B.S. and a B.A. She credits her BW education with empowering her for success.

"BW was instrumental in helping me land several opportunities, including acceptance into grad school at the Johns Hopkins University School for Advanced International Studies and employment with the International Monetary Fund," said Muhaj.

"The liberal arts foundation, participation in the BW Honors program and the interdisciplinary approach at the core of my academic training equipped me with the skills and adequate perspective to tackle complex real-world issues," she continued. "Also important were experiential learning activities like Model UN, Model African Nation, the Center for Innovation and Growth fellows program and field research trips to China and Maine."

Research Analyst with International Monetary Fund

In June, Muhaj began her career with the renowned International Monetary Fund. She is a research analyst for Mexico. She describes her work as a stimulating combination of rigorous economic analysis and policy work.

"For where I am today, I am grateful to BW professors like Dr. Judy Krutky who provided mentorship and support. She is among a long list of Baldwin Wallace professors for whom I turn to for ongoing advice," emphasized Muhaj.