headshot of Kayla Sintic

BW psychology student Kayla Sintic '17 participated in the Cleveland Clinic's prestigious Summer Treatment Program.

Psychology Major Gains Valuable Experience at Cleveland Clinic

January 27, 2017

headshot of Kayla Sintic

Just ask Kayla Sintic '17 about making every experience count. The aspiring clinical child psychologist transferred to BW 18 months ago as an A2BW student. Since then, she’s been on a rapid-fire pace for accruing top learning experiences.

Among them was being an undergraduate counselor for the Cleveland Clinic's prestigious Summer Treatment Program. While there, she put her practical skills and textbook learning to use in working to modify the behaviors of children with developmental delays like ADHD and autism. Through the experience, Sintic benefited from her encounters with the children as well as with the Clinic's professionals who supervised and mentored her.

"BW's psychology program is one of the best," believes Sintic. "Most universities do not allow students to implement their research project. At BW, I get to implement my study through the 'Thesis in Psychology' course."