Samuel Schwab '15, Walter Harders '16 and Kaylee Yuhas '16 with their book, "Probably a New Book"

A new book on probability is co-authored and illustrated by BW physics alumni with BW physics professor Dr. Edwin Meyer. 

Physics Alumni, Professor Collaborate on Newly Published Book

January 30, 2017

Dr. Edwin Meyer, Samuel Schwab '15, Walter Harders '16 and Kaylee Yuhas '16

A new book on probability is a BW production from cover-to-cover. Authored by Samuel Schwab ’15 and Kaylee Yuhas ’16 with Dr. Edwin Meyer, “Probably a Good Book” hit the shelves summer 2016. The book was illustrated by Walter Harders ’16. 

Book Cover: Probably a Good BookAn Unexpected Undertaking

When the three alumni, all physics majors, asked Meyer to teach an independent study course on probability, they just wanted to beef up their problem-solving skills. A month into the semester, they were feeling confident in their ability to tackle difficult probability problems. 

“We had so much fun solving hard problems," says Meyer, "we decided to write a book together." 

Early Career Success

Published just a month after Harders’ and Yuhas’ graduation, the book has provided the three young alumni with a definite career boost. Harders is currently a biomedical engineering researcher at the Cleveland Clinic, and Schwab and Yuhas – who also has a popular science education channel – are pursuing graduate degrees.

“Being a published author as an undergraduate is an eye-opener on any [graduate school] application,” says Meyer.

A Proud Tradition

This is not the first book Meyer has written with a student. He co-authored “The Gedanken Institute Book of Puzzles” with physics and neuroscience alumnus Joe Luchsinger ‘13. According to Meyer, projects like these exemplify how BW supports students to take leadership on long-term collaborative projects with faculty.

About this most recent publication, he says, "It was a big undertaking, but I think we all agree it was well worth it."

"It’s great to see the book selling and doing well!" says Yuhas.