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BW's Community Research Institute will support an innovative new voter survey that focuses on Ohio's pivotal bellwether county.

BW partners with cleveland.com, Advance Ohio on “Battleground Cuyahoga” poll

July 13, 2016

cleveland-dot-com logoAdvance Ohio logoThe Baldwin Wallace University Community Research Center (CRI) will provide survey data to support “Battleground Cuyahoga,” an innovative new voter poll being pioneered by cleveland.com and parent company Advance Ohio.

The new polling approach recognizes the crucial role Ohio plays as a swing state in presidential politics, but narrows the lens to what many election analysts consider to be one of the state’s pivotal bellwether counties.

Twin surveys 

As part of the new polling partnership, BW CRI will conduct independent surveys of likely voters in Cuyahoga County and help Advance Ohio to develop an anonymous panel of cleveland.com readers who will answer an identical set of questions. Questions for both polls will be based, in part, on an analysis of audience interests on cleveland.com, the state’s biggest news website. Comparison of the data sets will help determine the representative validity of the reader panels.

Crucial county

election vote previewA report by cleveland.com Vice President of Content Chris Quinn, announcing “Battleground Ohio,” notes that since 1960 no candidate has been elected president without winning a plurality of the Ohio vote.

“However,” Quinn goes on to explain, “much less attention has been paid to Cuyahoga County. Mitt Romney surely understands the value of Cuyahoga County. He lost to Barack Obama by more than 256,000 votes there, but he lost Ohio by 166,000. If he could have persuaded just 83,000 of those Cuyahoga County Obama voters to go with him – cutting Obama’s margin of victory in the county by a third -- he would have won Ohio.”

“Election analysts from coast to coast have their eyes on our home county, the largest in Ohio,” said Tom Sutton, Ph.D, director of CRI. “Dr. [Lauren] Copeland and I are eager to work with cleveland.com to gain new insights into this all-important slice of the electorate.”

More information on BW's Community Research Institute is here.