Graduate explains most challenging stories, changes in the business, and how he's adapted over 15 years at WCBD-TV.

Broadcasting Alumnus to Celebrate 15 years at Charleston TV Station

March 21, 2016

This year, BW broadcasting alumnus Brad Franko will celebrate his 15th year with WCBD News is Charleston, S.C. Franko began as the weekend sports anchor then was promoted to weekday morning news anchor in 2004.

In that role, he's interviewed presidential candidates, politicians, and celebrities, but believes that the most important story he's reported on was telling the stories of those killed inside the Emanuel AME Church shooting in 2015. "Making sure that their lives were remembered and stories were told became the motivation to get through one of the darkest times in Charleston's long history," he said.

Experience with Changing Technology

Franko has watched technology evolve from being issued a pager upon first working at the station in 2001, to current technology such as small "backpack" live units which are capable of broadcasting a signal from any location more effectively than the old vans, satellite trucks, and other cumbersome equipment.

As technology has changed, Franko also has had to adapt to the presence of social media. "Social media has created opportunities and pitfalls,' he observed. "Obviously the ability to get real-time information, photos and video from anywhere in the world helps tell the stories that people care about." He continues, "We have seen how it can burn professional journalists who report information that turns out to be incorrect."

Baldwin Wallace Experience

In earning his broadcasting degree from Baldwin Wallace, Franko said, "The most important part of my time at BW that prepared me for my career was working at WBWC radio. We operated that station like a real-world broadcasting company. My time on the air helped limit the nerves that came with broadcasting and gave me confidence to speak in public."

He advises BW students to invest time at WBWC and to develop strong relationships with those in charge.