BW student Katie Swanson doing research in wooded area

Aspiring veterinarian Katie Swanson '18 spent the summer studying cicadas in collaboration with biology professor Dr. Chris Stanton.

Biology major makes it a summer of study

August 18, 2016

BW student Katie Swanson doing research in wooded area

Seventeen years ago when the cicadas last made their debut, Katie Swanson '18 likely was using crayons and paper to express her creativity. Today, the aspiring veterinarian from Elgin, Ill., is still conveying ingenuity, but through the investigative methods of scientific research.

Swanson, a biology major, worked with Dr. Chris Stanton this summer studying cicadas at a site in Richfield, Ohio. Her goal was to gain information on their life cycle, behaviors, preferred habitat and everything in-between.

Working Together Fosters Student Success

"Using ground traps and our hands, we were able to capture and observe all three species of 17-year cicadas, one of which is very rare," she explained. "Through this experience, I hoped to gain a better understanding of what was involved in the process of research and to make professional connections through networking.

"Faculty-student collaborations allow students to work one-on-one with a mentor and gain valuable knowledge and connections throughout the process. Without some of the opportunities offered at BW, students would not have as great of a potential to succeed," believes Swanson.