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BW faculty members were singled out for special recognition April 28 at Ovation 2016. This year's winners include Drs. Edwin Meyer, Xudong Chen, Mark Mattern, Raymond Shively and Barbara Palmer.

Five Professors Recognized for Excellence

April 28, 2016

Baldwin Wallace faculty members were singled out for special recognition April 28 at Ovation 2016. Although each award has a different focus, the honorees share a dedication to learning and the personal growth of their students. This year's winners include Drs. Edwin Meyer, Xudong Chen, Mark Mattern, Raymond Shively and Barbara Palmer.

Edwin MeyerStrosacker Award for Excellence in Teaching
Dr. Edwin Meyer
Associate Professor and Department Chair of Physics

This award is the foremost recognition for outstanding teaching at BW.

A passionate professor who advocates for the importance of problem-solving skills in education, Dr. Edwin Meyer is a scholar, book author, workshop facilitator and international speaker. He oversees the Gedanken Institute for Problem Solving and is a past recipient of the Student Senate Excellence in Teaching Award. 

A student wrote: “In all my years, I have never met an educator who is so invested in the well-being and success of students. This professor puts hours of extra work in every single day, creating an environment and opportunity that allows for each and every student, regardless of major, to be the absolute best student and person.”

Xudong ChenBechberger Award for Human Development
Dr. Xudong Chen
Associate Professor of Economics

This award is given to a professor who has contributed in outstanding ways to the development and growth of students through leadership outside the classroom.

A dedicated educator, Dr. Xudong Chen has received BW's Strosacker Award for Excellence in Teaching and Exemplary Teacher Award. In 2013 he took students to China as part of an ASIANetwork Freeman Student-Faculty Fellows grant. This experience as well as others have garnered him acclaim by students and colleagues alike.

A student wrote: "He goes out of his way to extend help to students. Not only does he want us to succeed, he wants to make certain we rise to our full potential. He cares for his students academically and personally."

Mark MatternThe Gigax Faculty Scholarship Award
Dr. Mark Mattern
Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science

Named for former Board of Trustees chair Lester Gigax, the award recognizes a faculty member who, through effective scholarship, has enhanced the learning environment at BW. Nominations come from faculty colleagues.

A scholar inside and outside the classroom, Dr. Mark Mattern is an author, presenter, researcher and past recipient of BW's Student Senate Faculty Excellence and Gigax Faculty Scholarship awards. He is also the founder of BW's Community Research Institute.

A faculty nominator wrote: “On campus, this colleague has become an example for collaborative research with students and faculty. Our students know his research expertise, can observe how it informs his own activism and find themselves challenged by his call to consider their own involvement."

Ray ShivelyThe Exemplary Teacher Award
Dr. Raymond Shively
Professor and Chair of the Department of Chemistry

Co-sponsored by The General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church, the award recognizes a faculty member who exhibits excellence in teaching, civility and concern for students and colleagues, commitment to value-centered education and service to students, the institution and the community.

A scholar whose publications, research and faculty mentoring has augmented the work of BW students, Dr. Raymond Shively has been instrumental in preparing BW students for graduate school and careers.

A former student noted: "This professor transformed me from a mindless student that only cared about getting A’s to an engaged student that wanted to learn and make meaningful contributions to the field of science."

Photo of Barbara PalmerThe Student Senate Faculty Excellence Award
Dr. Barbara Palmer
Professor of Political Science

BW's Student Senate annually presents this award to a faculty member. It recognizes outstanding classroom instruction, commitment to the academic and leadership development of students, and dedication to the campus community.

An impressive author and keynote speaker whose expertise has been called upon nationally and overseas, Dr. Barbara Palmer has an impressive list of accomplishments both in and out of the classroom. Among them, she is a past recipient of BW’s Gigax Faculty Scholarship Award.

Student Senate wrote: "She makes class interesting and an active environment for students to ask questions and further their knowledge. She takes time outside of class to make students aware of opportunities and takes time to email and discuss current topics in politics."