Graphic of Ovation 2016

A premier capstone celebration, Ovation 2016 showcased the best of BW and culminated in the traditional Honors Award Ceremony.

BW Community Unites for Day of Academic, Creative Success

April 28, 2016

A premier capstone celebration, Ovation 2016 was a high-energy, day-long event showcasing the best of BW through posters, displays, live presentations, performances and the traditional Honors Award Ceremony.

Graphic of Ovation 2016Held April 28, the annual event spotlighted the creativity, research and academic and artistic achievement of BW students. The day concluded with a campus-wide Honors Award Ceremony that recognized students with scholarships and awards, and honored faculty members for their dedication to teaching and learning.

"Ovation is a time for students, their families, faculty and staff to come together and celebrate Baldwin Wallace as a community of learners who are engaged and invigorated in their studies and the pursuit of personal and professional success," said BW Provost Stephen Stahl.

2016 Ovation Winners

Student Recognition

Fred Crossman Leadership Prize
Kara Carpenter

Alan Blumenthal Prize in Student Government
Ashley King

Dr. Mark G. Noffsinger Award for Leadership
Nathan Cole

Mark G. Noffsinger Award for Outstanding RA
Aziz Ahmad

Barbara H. Fortin Award for Outstanding First-Year RA
Olivia Murphy

Bonnie Raye Scholar/Athlete Award
Abigail Snow

Clyde Lamb Scholar Athlete Awards
Jesse Gunter, Melanie Winters

Kenneth F. Steingass Outstanding Senior Male Athlete Award
Jesse Gunter

Outstanding Senior Woman Athlete Award
Kim Gallavan

Overmyer Achievement Award
Vanessa Adu-Gyamfi

Will Richmond Prize in Photography
Seth Chamberlain

Student Senate Faculty Excellence Award
Dr. Barbara Palmer

Student Senate Staff/Administrator Excellence Award
Christy Walkuski

The Professor David Prok Humanitarian Award for Social Justice in Sex and Gender Diversity
Dylan Cook, John Kropf

Outstanding Senior Awards Class of 2016
Kevin Warman, Julia Harris, Melanie Winters, Madeline Southall, Ashley King, Biagio Niro, Kelly Hoye, Abigail Snow, Nick Traverso, Elise Bigley

Academic Recognition

Michael Keith Dwyer Art Scholarship
Daisy Krokos

Dr. Harold D. and Dr. Anna M. Cole Humanities Scholarship
Erica Jones

Dr. James M. Ruegsegger Biology Prize
Biagio Niro

The Mark Gorman Scholarship
Allison Matia

Kenneth & Lucy McCauliff Scholarship
Edward Gorski

Amling Investment Award
Kathryn Auldridge

Dr. Jacob O. Kamm Award
Brianna Rippin

Lubrizol Foundation Business Administration Award
Ksenija Dobrijevic

Ralph M. Dunbar, Jr. Scholarship
Silvia Laboy, Eric Bednar

Walter & Elaine Mueller Scholarship
Emily Ochmanski

Carmel Family Business Scholarship
Hayley Reck

Chemistry Department Memorial Scholarship
Anna Poptic, Alyssa Spear

Lubrizol Foundation Chemistry Award
Grace Nocero

Harry and Louise Kiefer Chemistry Scholarship
Sarah Stambol

Norman Wells Chemistry Scholarship
Erin Bryant

Adult Senior Academic Awards
William Cogar, James Yoh, John “Jack” Meyer

Pavsek Award for Excellence in Economics
Brianna Rippin

Dr. Albert L. Gray, Jr. Prize in Economics
Dan Deaton

Greg Pett Award
Darius Bordea, Michael Syvuk

Jess & Arline Petty Scholarship
Vanessa Adu-Gyamfi

Division of Education Scholarship Fund
Kera Bradt

Alice Benedict Gagen Prize in Elementary Education
Marissa Hovanec

Harold A. & Louise Cramer White Prize
Rachel Detweiler

Ted & Irene Theodore Scholarship
Abigail Ratcliff, Sarah Schroeder, McKenzie Camerieri, Rachel Van Curren, Mariah Kleem

W. "Bud" Collins, Jr. Prize for Creative Writing
Lauren Pierce, Melina Papadopoulos

Amelia & Clara Harding Scholarship
Madeline Ransbottom

Bertha L. Stiefel Scholarship in English
Kathryn “Katie” Rider, Kalie Johnson

English Department Essay Prize
Christopher Dreger

Ruby Redinger Prize in English
Abigail Snow, Megan Lee

Dr. Neille & Jeanne Shoemaker English Scholarship
Sage Verdi, Carrie Slivka, Christopher Dreger, David Schwartz

Robert Howells Memorial English Scholarship
David Schwartz

Twila Haines Coxon and A. William Coxon, M.D. Scholarship
Sage Verdi, Leandra Patton, Kyle Marbut

A.B. & Georgianna Bonds Scholarship
Riza Miklowski

Dr. William D. and Mary Pendell Memorial Scholarship
Myra Engle, Alyssa Smith, Heaven Lescsak

Hower/Stover Award
Rebecca Brown

Dr. Robert H. Lechner Memorial Service Award
Kara Carpenter

Lee Tressel Scholarship
Erin Allen

David R. and June Demmerle Scholarship
Ben Chase

Dr. Cornelius D. Penner Memorial Award
Hadden Klima

George R. Grame Award
Shannon Kee

Outstanding Senior – Computer Information Systems Network Analyst
Nicholas Bodle

Outstanding Senior – Computer and Network Security Analyst
Alexander Hervey

Outstanding Senior – Computer Science
Wesley King

Outstanding BA Mathematics Student
Heather Knotts

Outstanding BS Mathematics Student
Elizabeth Cherry, Kyle Schifano

Dr. Emory C. Unnewehr Award
Walter Harders

L. Dustheimer Astronomy Prize
Garrett Witzke

Robert and Dorothy Bell Memorial Award
Kelly Hoye, Kevin Warman

Laura Anders Canis Philosophy Scholarship
Elizabeth Cherry

Dr. Delo C. Grover Award
Kyle Johnston

Dr. Ernest L. Welborn Scholarship in Psychology
Allison Matia

Pitcher Psychology Award
William Anastasiadis

Vogel Psychology Scholarship
Adam Ramsey

William Prokasy Psychology Alumni Award
Hayle Fisher, Abigail Snow

Edna & Norman Sartor Psychology Scholarship
Winifred Wilson

Dr. S. Lee Whiteman III Scholarship
Rachael Bowers

Dr. Ernest Knautz Award
Maggie Schalk

Fred E. Harris Award
Sarah Huston

Mary & Hugh Burtner Student Prize in Religion
Abigail Carter-Stephanopoulos

Hertzler Sociology Scholarship Award
Nathaniel Heaton

Hertzler Applied Sociology Award
Elizabeth Rife

Suzanne Claflin Strew Dance Scholarship
Caroline Guy, Ashley Haviland

Dana & Marie Burns Drama Scholarship
Kacey Faix

Douglas Hall Memorial Theatre Scholarship
Lucas Clark, Amber Harrison

William & Mary Lou Allman Drama Scholarship
Trevor Buda, Nora Dlugo

Lillian and Larry D. Bibbee Scholarship
Sarita Hira

John F. and Ida E. Gibler Scholarship
Hanna Toberman, Sarah Wyss