Senior Art Exhibit

Seven graduating studio art majors exhibited culminating works for a successful senior art exhibition in Fawick Gallery.

Studio Art Seniors Create Show Stopping Exhibition

March 31, 2016

Fawick Gallery recently closed the 2016 senior art exhibition, which showcases graduating studio art majors. This year, seven students were featured in the exhibit, each of them creating works that reflected themselves and the world around them.

Joshalyn Barba, a double major in both studio art and Spanish, displayed her work in the loft. She worked for two years making this exhibit, using ceramics, copper and glass. Barba’s portion of the gallery was used as a tribute to the people in her life who have passed on who encouraged her to become an artist. After graduating, she aims to teach Spanish or art and continue making ceramics.

Senior Art Exhibit

Amanda Curry, a French minor, typically focuses on three-dimensional work. For the senior show, she also tied in photography and found objects to create works of organic materials and specimens. Curry put much thought into her pieces, stating that it took a year an a half to conceptualize the pieces and two semesters to create them. She hopes to attend graduate school for graphic design in New York City after graduation, and to take part in art internships around the country.

Anna Dodig, a double major in studio art and digital media and design, focuses on human anatomy in her paintings. She began her works last summer, each taking about a month to complete. As Dodig puts it, they convey the message that “even though we all have gone through different struggles in life, we all have that strength inside of us to keep pushing forward”. After graduation, Dodig will pursue a graphic design career and a graduate degree in Fine Art.

For her installment, Nicole M. Fraley included ceramic and jewelry pieces as well as a drawing triptych. All of her pieces aimed to “embrace the frays and flaws of life”, she explained. A double major in business administration and studio art, she is also a member of the Arts Management Association. Fraley will pursue a job with a public art organization after graduation.

Senior Art ExhibitionJared Gepperth used slip casting to create the majority of his pieces, including the skulls for his river installation piece. His work is now being sold in galleries and displayed in shows around Cleveland. Gepperth is working toward a Bachelor of Arts in both studio art and digital media and design. He hopes to one day open his own gallery as well as become a teacher.

Painting and ceramics are the art forms Madison Miller is passionate about. The pieces she exhibited took a month to complete on average. A double major in studio art and accounting, Miller expects to stay in the Cleveland area after her fall graduation and will be taking the Certified Public Accountants exam. 

With a minor in marketing, Ashley B. Nagel is also a member of the Arts Management program. She used a variety of mediums within her installment, including metal smithing and mixed media sculptures. After graduation, Nagel plans to let her art take her places, whether it be grad school, or galleries. She has considered the idea of opening and running her own gallery. Down the road, she hopes to become a professor of art at a collegiate level.

An Exhibit to Remember

All of the artists agreed that the show was a success. Nagel recalls walking through the gallery multiple times and finding new connections between each artist’s work that she hadn’t noticed previously.

“The pieces and individual style of each of the artists involved flowed together and accurately represented the unity and effort that we put into the show to make it as successful as it was,” Curry said. “I'm very proud of this group and how well we came together to represent not just our own personal accomplishments, but the accomplishments of our entire group and the department as well.”

Next up at Fawick Gallery is the 2016 Student Art Exhibition (for non-art majors) running from April 4-29. The opening reception will be Friday, April 8 from 5-8 pm.