Passionate Ridge Tool Company president talks about strategies for success in Smart Business.

MBA Graduate Working to Lead and Build Evolving, People-first Company

March 28, 2016

In a Smart Business feature article, BW MBA graduate Fred Pond, the President of Ridge Tool Co, explained how his ever-evolving RIDGID brand tool manufacturing company makes progress while maintaining a strong, personal interaction between employees and executives.

Pond said, "Business is about winning, not measured in terms of sales or profits necessarily, but in terms of people who want to be part of something that they can be proud of. That’s certainly true of the Ridge Tool Co."

Focused Company Strategy

In Smart Business's article, Pond explains the company's three key guiding strategies as positioning for growth, strengthening relationships and adopting new technology. 

"From my perspective, strategies with 10 or 12 elements are difficult to assimilate," Pond says. "It takes effort to boil down what is truly important for the future of the business into essential, actionable elements. Three key elements seems right, at least for us. My advice to our leadership: If you’re doing anything in this company that does not relate to any of these three elements, stop. It isn’t doing anything for us.”

Pond's Passion

Pond also speaks highly of the company's dedication, global growth, and customer feedback. 

"It’s truly important to have true passion for what you’re doing. I have been fortunate to have the privilege of running such an incredible company with talented, passionate and dedicated people surrounding me. It’s great fun to watch people develop; to see the ‘aha’ moments."