As superintendent of Canton City School District, Adrian Allison inspires students to serve in their community. 

Alumnus Leads Major School District and Fosters Student Service

January 29, 2016

In his role as superintendent of Canton City School District, Adrian Allison '94 is helping to educate students to become selfless "givers" in their community. The BW sociology major, who graduated magna cum laude and was a letterman, Dayton C Miller Honor Society inductee, and a member of Student Senate, says he found support growing up through the YMCA and The Boy's & Girls Club, two agencies supported by United Way.


Allison recently told, "I spent every day going to these places and it really gave me a sense of confidence and self worth. One of the things I found out was [that] I was decent in sports, and that helps build confidence."

Allison has put that confidence to work to improve education. He earned the inaugural Best Professional Practices Award in 2006 for improving teacher quality. When he became superintendent of the Canton City School District in early 2013,  he also became the youngest and first African American superintendent of the district.

In this position, he's working to inspire young people in his district to make a difference through United Way agencies. 

“They [United Way] give a lot. My goal is for us to give back,” he said. “Not by way of monetary support, but I want our students to do community service with the United Way so they are not all ‘getting.’ It isn’t about get for them. They need to understand service and they need to understand they need to give back in terms of community service."