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Explorations/Study Abroad: Expanding Studies Beyond the Classroom

Whether your student favors independent travel, a faculty-led seminar or college exchange initiative, Explorations/Study Abroad is exciting and affordable.

BW offers programs in almost all academic majors and has opportunities throughout Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and Australia. In addition to overseas trips, there are domestic programs available.

Through Explorations/Study Abroad, participants can gain proficiencies and perspectives that can enhance their college experience personally, professionally, academically, socially and culturally.

Picking a Program

To help your student clarify expectations and narrow options, he or she may want to consider:

  • What benefits would I like to gain from this experience?
  • Would I prefer staying in the U.S. or traveling abroad?
  • Would I enjoy group travel or prefer being on my own?
  • What are my cost parameters?
  • Should I participate in my junior or senior year?
  • Do I want this experience to last weeks, months, a semester, a year?
  • Should I go in the fall, winter, spring or summer?
  • How might being off-campus affect my course load in subsequent semesters?
  • Would I like to intern, volunteer or take college courses as part of this experience?

Choosing Where to Study

When contemplating where to study off campus, there are many factors to consider:

  • Locality
  • Housing options
  • Course offerings
  • Availability of services for students with special needs
  • Opportunities for travel beyond the original destination
  • Suitability for learning or perfecting a foreign language
  • Opportunity for cross-cultural experiences
  • Ability to obtain professional skills

Calculating Costs

Students who study via a BW-recommended program may be eligible for federal and institutional aid. For many recommended programs, the cost can be equivalent to BW tuition, room and board per semester.

Other forms of financial assistance may be available. Public and private organizations, businesses and churches often award grants, loans and fellowships to students traveling abroad. Scholarships may be awarded on the basis of personal attributes (ethnic/religious background, parents' field of employment, place of residence), academic major, career path and/or study abroad destination.