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Social Media Builds Effective Networking Community

A powerful networking tool that can help students garner internship and job opportunities, social media can create important career connections.

LinkedIn is one example of a powerful networking tool. When used continually and purposefully, LinkedIn enables a user to create a powerful network that can be tapped into both now and in the future.

Start Early, Think Smart

Starting freshman year, students should begin building a professional online presence. In posting comments, photos and profile information, students should be mindful of the image they are creating. They should be careful with who they are following as well as what they are sharing with others.

Prospective employers, internship coordinators and members of professional societies may see these profiles. Even years later when a user may think all traces of his or her college postings have been deleted, they may still be accessible.

Five Golden Rules

Similar to how a resume and vitae should be carefully crafted, a professional social media profile needs careful attention. BW's Career Center has advisors that can help students create a polished profile that can help them garner internship and job opportunities.

These five tips can help your student get started:

  • Use a professional photo of you alone.
  • Create a headline with areas of study and/or career ambitions.
  • Craft a keyword-rich summary that includes type of positions you are seeking.
  • Include volunteer activities, internships and co-curricular involvement.
  • Seek recommendations from professors, advisors, internship supervisors, mentors and others who can speak to your successes.

Watch Digital Dust

Students may feel insulated or trust they have online anonymity. But they can be wrong. For individuals seeking employment, social media can make or break a candidate. Half to three-quarters of employers/corporate recruiters use search engines to check candidates.