Leadership Development Training

Our world is always changing. Part of this evolution includes facing new challenges and adapting with rapidly changing skills. Organizations are working in different capacities, and some are failing or succeeding – often in areas that were not in their original vision.

To keep up, leaders need to follow the advice of Marshall Goldsmith, "What got you here, won’t get you there," meaning that life is about continuous learning. The skills that helped you in your current position will need to evolve to make you better at what you do. If you’re interested in moving up the ladder, the skills you have now won't be the same ones to help you move up. Baldwin Wallace has a variety of programs designed for leadership development, beneficial for individuals and their organizations, with skill areas that match strategies, competencies, motivators, behaviors and cultures.

Several of our open enrollment courses are below.

Anchor Negotiations at Aspiration Point

Anchor Negotiations at Aspiration Point is a dynamic, hands-on (in-person or virtual) training program designed to strengthen negotiation, creative problem-solving and communication skills. The program provides team members with highly tangible competitive, collaborative and people-centered negotiation strategies to become more skilled and confident negotiators. The audience for the program is professionals who have responsibility to negotiate profitable agreements for their organization. Program includes the amazing 28 day challenge. In partnership with Excelsior Learning.

Coaching and Mentoring

This course focuses on how to better coach your employees to higher performance. Coaching is a process of relationship building and setting goals. How well you coach is directly related to how well you are able to foster a great working relationship with your employees through understanding them and strategic goal setting. In partnership with United Training.

Conflict Resolution

Participants will learn crucial conflict management skills, including dealing with anger and using the Agreement Frame. If left unchecked or unresolved it can lead to lost production, absences, attrition and even lawsuits. In partnership with United Training.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Positive organizational culture is critical. In today’s environment, it’s even more true. Diversity, equity, and inclusion should not be seen as compliance, box-ticking exercises. To attract, retain, and grow employees, organizations need to create thriving cultures that embrace inclusivity, provide fair representation and opportunities, foster a sense of belonging, and make sure diversity, equity and inclusion are truly ingrained in the environment. Learn more about courses.

Innovation and Growth Mindset

In this program, you will learn the foundations of growth mindset, neuroscience and sample some fundamental innovation methods and tools to gain an understanding of what might work best for your organization. In partnership with The Innovation Garage.

Leading for Growth: Business Continuity & Supply Chain Resiliency

No matter your role in the organization, being more innovative means you can create, communicate and accelerate ideas for anything. In this session, you'll learn in-depth leadership principles, behaviors and soft skills needed for building and facilitating a growth-focused culture and develop an initial strategy that you can use for an immediate impact. You'll learn more about mindset neuroscience & psychology of individuals and teams; five components of a compelling strategy; why, purpose, method & end state; structured brainstorm/create sessions; mind mapping basic skills; design thinking advanced skills; HFX principles for hackathon design & development. In partnership with The Innovation Garage.

Leading for Growth: Leadership Skills for Change Management

We’ve experienced a tremendous amount of change in the last 18 months. Something that each of these situations have in common is how you will respond, recover and lead others through it. In each of these scenarios, we’ve always found the collective mindset and most successful results when you do the exact opposite of what everyone else is doing to pull through it. You must learn how to innovate under stress and execute well. When we focus on these items, you can then recover from these disruptions. In partnership with The Innovation Garage.

Leadership & Influence

Once you learn the techniques of true leadership and influence, you will be able to build the confidence to take the lead. In partnership with United Training.

Teamwork & Team Building

This workshop will encourage you to explore the different aspects of a team, as well as ways that you can become a top performer. In partnership with United Training.

Course Objective: Students will come away with knowledge and skills to become a top team performer.

10 Soft Skills You Need

In this course, students will develop a core set of soft skills by managing and looking at the way people interact and seeing things in a new light. In partnership with United Training.

Who Should Attend? This course is intended for individuals who want to develop a core set of soft skill.

Course Objective: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to better interact and communicate in the workplace.