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Ph.D., Middle Tennessee State University

Christian Nsiah

Christian Nsiah headshotProfessor

Ph.D., Middle Tennessee State University

Dr. Christian Nsiah is professor of finance at Baldwin Wallace University. Prior to joining the faculty at BW, Nsiah was an associate professor of economics and finance at Black Hills State University, where he was also the coordinator of the economics and finance program for 7 years. Nsiah’s areas of specialty include international economics and finance and economic growth and development. Nsiah also engages in consulting work in economic impact analysis and international investments. Nsiah is an avid researcher and he has published several articles and presented at many conferences including an invited presentation at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Currently, Nsiah is working on a chapter for a handbook of African economics for the World Bank. Nsiah holds a doctorate in international economics from Middle Tennessee State University.  Nsiah is also a three time Olympian.

Courses Taught

International financial management (BUS 444i/650)

Corporate finance (BUS 342)

International macroeconomics (BUS 622)

Macroeconomics for managers (BUS 650)


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