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Ph.D., Indiana University

Robert Montgomery

Robert Montgomery headshotProfessor of History

Ph.D., Indiana University

Dr. Robert Montgomery has taught in the BW history department since fall 2000. He teaches the first half of the world civilizations sequence along with upper-division courses in Russian and East Asian history. He received his undergraduate degree at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and received his master’s degree and doctorate at Indiana University Bloomington with a major field in Russian history and minor fields in East Asian history and Mongolian studies. His research focuses on the native Asian peoples of Siberia, particularly the Buryats (Buriats) of the Lake Baikal region. He has published a book, “Late Tsarist and Early Soviet Nationality and Cultural Policy: The Buryats and their Language” (2005); journal articles such as “Recent Scholarship from the Buryat Mongols of Siberia” in ASIANetwork Exchange (2012) and “Buriat Political and Social Activism in the 1905 Revolution” in Sibirica (2011); several additional articles in Russian; and reviews in journals such as Russian Review, Mongolian Studies, Mongol Survey, and The Historian.

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