Robert Mayerovitch headshot

Professor of Keyboard
D.M., Indiana University

Robert Mayerovitch

Robert Mayerovitch headshot

Professor of Keyboard

D.M., M.M., Indiana University
B.M., L.Mus., McGill University


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Dr. Robert Mayerovitch is a professor of piano as well as the pianist of the resident Elysian Trio and the violin-piano duo Lyceum2.

His performing awards include first prize in the Bartók–Kabalevsky International Piano Competition, the Montreal Symphony Competition and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Competition.

His doctorate is from Indiana University, where he studied with, assisted and later substituted for Menahem Pressler, renowned pianist of the Beaux Arts Trio. His doctoral topic was "Brahms' Op. 8 Piano Trio: A Stylistic Evolution" in which he explored Brahms' maturation as evidenced by two dramatically different versions of the same piece, written about 29 years apart.

In addition to his performing career as chamber musician and soloist, Mayerovitch has extensive experience as a clinician and lecturer. He is a co-author of the critically acclaimed book "A Symposium for Pianists and Teachers: Strategies to Develop the Mind and Body for Optimal Performance." He has presented workshops around the world in such diverse places as Beijing, China; Thessaloniki, Greece; Porto Alegre, Brazil; Glasgow, Scotland; and Baku, Azerbaijan. Topics of particular note include "Rules of Pianists' (and Other Animals') Thumbs" and "The Choreography of Attention," which explore focused problem solving and emphasize the strong relationship of musical expertise to life skills.