Baldwin Wallace University offers a comprehensive total compensation package for full-time faculty and staff. The following is a basic overview of benefits for individuals considering employment at Baldwin Wallace. More information can be obtained by contacting the Human Resources and Payroll Services Department at (440) 826-2220. The benefits listed below are subject to change.

Health and Dental Insurance Benefits

  • BW offers choice of either a Traditional PPO plan or a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with HSA Through Medical Mutual of Ohio - Super Med Plus. The University currently pays about 80% of the premium cost. Employee premiums are paid with pre-tax dollars. All plans include dental and vision insurance along with prescription drug coverage.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts: Full-time employees can shelter up to $2,750 yearly to pay for uninsured medical expenses and $5,000 yearly for dependent care expenses.
  • Health Savings Account: Full-time employees that choose the HDHP can shelter up to $3,600 individual or $7,200 family less BW’s contribution of $750 single or $1,500 family for 2021.
  • Wellness: The wellness program at BW offers employees a pathway to optimal well-being. Employees can take advantage of free wellness opportunities on campus and on university time. Resources for mindfulness, stress management, weight management, mental and physical health are available.

Paid Time-Off Benefits

Full-time administrative and full-time support staff are eligible to earn up to:

  • 13-15 paid holidays per year
  • 12 days sick leave per year
  • 2-4 weeks annual vacation
  • Bereavement leave and jury duty
  • Parental leave

Retirement Benefits

  • Social Security: BW contributes 7.65% of all eligible wages in Social Security and Medicare taxes (F.I.C.A.)
  • TIAA/CREF: The University provides retirement benefits with the Teachers' Insurance and Annuity Association and its companion University Retirement Equities Fund. A new employee may join the University's 403 (b) plan immediately. The University contributes 3% of base salary into the plan after the employee has worked for one year as long as the employee contributes at least 3%. Employee contributions are pre-tax and earnings grow tax-free until withdrawn. In certain cases, 403 (b)s and 401 (k)s from former employers may be rolled over into the University's retirement plan.

Tuition Waiver Benefits

  • All full-time employees and dependents are eligible at the first semester after hire for a waiver of 100% of tuition for any courses they take at Baldwin Wallace.
  • The employee can only take 11 or fewer credit hours per semester to receive 100% waiver.
  • The employee and spouse are also eligible for graduate tuition benefits through Baldwin Wallace University only at a 92% Discount; but dependent children receive waiver for only undergraduate work.
  • No family may have more than the equivalent of two persons receiving this benefit at any one time.
  • Graduate tuition benefits are considered taxable compensation.

Income Protection Benefits

  • Life Insurance: The University pays the full premium for a $50,000 life insurance policy with a $50,000 accidental death and dismemberment rider.
  • Supplemental Life Insurance: Full-time employees may purchase supplemental life insurance coverage of up to $200,000. Coverage is also available for spouses, grandfathered domestic partners and dependent children.
  • Long-Term Disability Insurance: Long-Term Disability is currently carried through Prudential and premiums are fully paid by the University.
  • Short-Term Disability: The University also the pays the full cost of a self-funded Short-Term Disability benefit.
  • Workers’ Compensation protection.

Other Benefits

  • All employees are entitled to a 10% discount for most bookstore purchases.
  • ID card which entitles faculty or staff member free admission to many events on campus.
  • Free use of the Student Recreation Center for employee, spouse and dependent children.
  • Access to a credit union.
  • Free parking decal (students pay parking fee).
  • Ability to purchase meals at various campus dining facilities.
  • Direct deposit (required as condition of employment).